Monday, April 4, 2011

Our Daughter's First Waterfall

It took long enough, but Julie and I finally went to a waterfall this year. In fact, we brought our newborn daughter along. But now that we were proud new parents, we finally understood why most parents are hesitant to take them out on hikes.

Basically, with a child everything takes longer. Our excursion to Solstice Canyon Falls was supposed to be a very easy and short 4- to 5-hour half-day excursion. But it ended up being an all day affair (at least 8 hours in all).

Heck, even posting our trip report took forever for it took me almost 8 days to finally get it composed and up on the website.

I guess that's life with a baby. We'll definitely have to figure out how to be flexible and roll with the punches while still pursuing our waterfalling passion.

We acknowledge it won't be easy (even for the repeats). But perhaps readers to this website who happen to be parents might take a look at our experiences and take lessons from our struggles...

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