Sunday, September 11, 2011

Major Updates to Pacific Northwest Section

Based on our recent trip to both Washington and Alaska, I've finally gotten around to completing the updates to the Pacific Northwest region. Like I said before, everything takes longer when you also have to care for a baby, including these write-ups let alone the trip itself.

Nonetheless, there have been extensive updates with new waterfalls in Washington, the addition of Alaska and its waterfalls, updates to logistics information, and even updates to some familiar waterfalls like Snoqualmie Falls as well as the Other Attractions page.

There's a lot to digest, but you can see the pages that were recently added or updated here.

I also managed to update the trip diaries (this was actually done before I went back to work, but I forgot to announce it) so if you're into reading about our experiences firsthand, you can see the latest stories here.

Finally, I also forgot about announcing updates to the California page based on an overnight backpacking trip I took the weekend before the two-week trip to the Pacific Northwest. In there was the addition of Moonlight Falls as well as the trip diary associated with it.

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