Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Soon To Be Pitt Fall?

I had to look twice before I took this one seriously.

Apparently for his birthday, Angelina Jolie bought Brad Pitt property above a waterfall in California. We're not sure which one it is, but it appears that Pitt has plans to build a Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired house right above it.

Being a waterfaller myself, I wonder whether this type of development is a good thing or not.

After all, where would you draw the line between having a waterfall that everyone can enjoy versus having one that belongs only to specific people?


Anonymous said...

Do you have an idea about where Jolie could have bought that waterfall? I don't know, but I don't think anyone could buy any waterfall. I think some areas or parks are protected, right? What are the parks or areas you can buy a land with a waterfall in California?

I'd like some information about that question. I'm working about this new. Thanks!

storynature said...

We don't know where this waterfall could be.

Sometimes private land just so happens to have a waterfall. Not all of them are protected and/or for public use.

Sometimes drainages feeding waterfalls are wrested away from public use as well even though the falls itself may be on public land. But that's another topic.